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Mediterranean Natural Sponges is a company based in Sydney Australia, with its origins in Kalymnos, Greece. Kalymnos being a small island in the Aegean Sea, south of Greece,  known as the ‘Sponge Divers Island’ (See also Sponge Diving tab for more information)

Mediterranean Natural Sponges was established in 1965 when the decision was made to commence importing sea sponges into Australia from Kalymnos Greece. Mediterranean Natural Sponges were solely responsible for introducing  natural sea sponges to the Australian market and we proudly continue this tradition today, some 40 years later.

From inception through to the late 80’s our sponges were sourced solely from the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding areas such as Greece, Libya and Tunisia, therefore our name Mediterranean Natural Sponges. Today our sources of supply have expanded beyond the Mediterranean to include areas in the Unites States, the Caribbean and also the Pacific Basin.

Originally our business was focused on supplying natural sea sponges to Australian markets however as our business has expanded so has our customer base. Currently we cater for customers in many countries including The United States, Canada, England, Greece, France, and Japan.

Our business has operated within the same family for 42 years, with clientele stretching as far back as the 70’s. Our experience with natural sea sponges would be matched by only a handful worldwide, with our ability to prepare and process natural sea sponges among the best in the world.

In 1985 our business expanded to include the supply of synthetic sponge forms into the hardware, trade and DIY markets. Today this is a very important part of our business, and our synthetic sponge forms are widely recognized and accepted, used by trade’s people throughout Australia within the building trades and other industries.

In summary our business currently has two focuses, firstly in the supply of natural sea sponges to the bath, beauty, cosmetic, craft and decorative industries, secondly in the supply of synthetic sponge forms to hardware, building, DIY and other general industries.

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