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Natural Sea Sponges for Bath & Shower

We have a large selection of Honeycomb and Wool Sea Sponges available for bath and shower applications.

Our natural sponges are a luxurious bathing companion, which will definitely enhance your bath time experience.The soft natural texture of the sea sponge produces a soft and smooth velvet feel against the skin when lathered up with soap or other cleansing products.

The sea sponge when used during bath and shower time has many benefits for your skin and your general well being, a natural product with excellent qualities.

» Naturally exfoliates and removes dry skin.
» Softens and gently cleanses the skin
» Stimulates the circulatory system
» Soaps and liquid soaps lather brilliantly with the sea sponge
» Suitable for adults, children and very safe for toddlers
» Toddlers love feeling and touching the natural sponge during bath time

Natural sea sponges are a beauty enriching product which makes bathing time a personal joy. The natural sea sponge is the ultimate in personal luxury during bath time.

Visit our Gallery to view a selection of images from our large range of sea sponges for bath & shower applications.


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